Tips on Travelling to Barbados

When you’re gearing up for a trip to Barbados, there’s some insider knowledge I’d like to share. Buckle up, and let’s dive into these essential travel tips. Stick around for some bonus pointers at the end!

Barbados isn’t just any Caribbean island; it’s a gem, a perfect escape that’s high on my list of favorite getaways.

Let’s Talk Money

In Barbados, they deal with the Barbados dollar, affectionately known as the Bajan. Here’s a quick math tip: $20 Bajan is roughly equivalent to $10 US. The conversion rate hovers around 1.98 to the US dollar. Handy to remember, isn’t it?

What’s the Cost of Goods?

Now, let’s be real. Barbados isn’t a place for penny pinchers. The cost for goods and services? Quite similar to what you’d expect back in the US.

Picture this: a romantic dinner for two, wine included, will set you back about $100 US. And if you’re thinking of grabbing souvenirs? Think in the ballpark of $20-$35 for t-shirts and $10-$14 for keepsakes like towels and mugs.

And a pro-tip? Just like anywhere else, local products come with a friendlier price tag than imported ones. Remember that.

Setting off to Barbados? Let me share some firsthand insights to enhance your trip. Trust me; this information will be a game-changer.

Navigating Barbados

Upon landing and retrieving your luggage, you’ll find buses, taxis, and shuttles outside the terminal. My advice? Pre-book a shuttle for a smoother transition to and from your accommodation. A taxi might cost between $20-60, based on your hotel’s location and the taxi size. Here’s a tip: if you’ve got oversized items like a surfboard, a shuttle might charge extra, but never pay more than $5.

Considering renting a car? Expect to pay about $50-60 daily. And here’s a fun twist for my fellow US travelers: get ready to drive on what we’d consider the “wrong” side, both for the car and the road. It’s a bit disorienting at first, but hey, it adds to the adventure!

Dress Code

Remember, Barbados carries its British heritage with pride, especially in fashion. Daytime? Think casual, beachy attire. Come evening, gents don collared shirts and trousers, while ladies slip into dresses and skirts. Lightweight fabrics are your friend given the tropical climate.

The locals, or Bajans as they’re fondly known, usually lean towards business casual. In the city? Expect to see many in formal business wear. And a heads up: save the swimwear for the beach. That bikini or trunks aren’t for shopping trips.

Dining Delights

Barbados boasts some culinary wonders. Ever heard of The Cliff restaurant? True to its name, it’s nestled on a cliff, offering mesmerizing ocean views. And when in St. Lawrence Gap, give Bellini’s a try. Tucked inside a quaint cove, it’s a sight to behold at sunset. The salmon? Unforgettable.

Most hotels showcase a restaurant directory, complete with pictures and menus. It’s your culinary map for the trip.


Barbados offers a spectrum of lodging choices, catering to varied budgets.


The Sandy Bay Beach Club might be 3-star, but its beach is gold-star quality. Plus, it’s all-inclusive – meals, drinks, gratuities, and non-motorized sports. Buffet breakfast and lunch, a snack bar, and two dinner options – buffet or a 5-course meal (though reservations might need a nudge). With activities like scuba diving, kayaking, and more, the value is undeniable. Booking tip? Try for potential deals.


Enter the Hilton, a jewel poised on a peninsula. With amenities galore – from scuba diving to children’s programs – it’s a holistic holiday experience. Rooms? They range from $450-$1500 nightly. For those looking for a touch of luxury without completely splurging, this is your spot.


Sandy Lane Hotel is opulence personified. Think Tiger Woods’ wedding-level grand. Beyond luxurious, it offers anything and everything – from golf to a kids’ club styled like a summer camp. For teens? A special Den. As for the cost, room rates swing from $850 to a whopping $10,000 per night.

Ready to embark on your Barbadian journey? Safe travels and soak in every moment!

Must-Visit Spots in Barbados

1. Snorkeling Magic: Turtles & Shipwrecks

While catamaran and boat snorkeling trips are plentiful, the real thrill is possibly spotting turtles in their natural habitat. Even if they elude you underwater, keep those eyes peeled – they might just be swimming beside your boat.

Shipwreck snorkeling? An underwater spectacle. Witness a marine wonderland, complete with vibrant fish and crystal-clear waters. Whether exploring an ancient shipwreck or a more recent, man-made one, the marine life they attract is breathtaking.

2. The Wonders of Wild Life Reserve

If there’s a singular experience you shouldn’t miss, it’s the Wild Life Reserve. Located on the island’s North end, reaching it is easy – pick from the 4×4 Adventure Tour, a taxi, or a rental car. At $13 US for an entry, it’s a steal.

Imagine stepping into an open space with turtles just… there. No cages (except for a few like the snakes and iguanas). Monkeys, rabbits, and more roam free. With rainforest-like ambience and paths that guide you through, it’s nature in its raw form. And yes, there’s a safely-contained crocodile too. It’s unparalleled and unforgettable.

3. Dive Deep with the Atlantis Submarine Excursion

Planning to embark on this? Check out They sometimes offer killer deals, like two-for-one bookings. $90 for two beats $180 any day!

Other Must-Do’s:

Delve into the local flavor with a rum tasting tour, explore mysterious caves, challenge yourself with golf, or trot around on horseback.

Golden Travel Nuggets:

  • Weather Check: A simple glance at the forecast ensures you pack just right.
  • Unclaimed Money? Why not see if there’s any in your name for some extra vacation fun?
  • Trust in Travelers Cheques: Lose them? Most can be replaced within a day from almost anywhere.
  • Safeguard Valuables: If your hotel room doesn’t feel secure, use the in-room safe.
  • Communication Wise: Resist calling home from your hotel – the charges can be exorbitant. Local shops often offer computer-based calls at a fraction of the cost. Or, if your cell plan allows, that might be cheaper too. Always good to compare.

And there you have it – Barbados in a nutshell. Dive in, soak it up, and make memories! Safe travels!


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