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First things first. Whenever you see ticket recommendations here, remember that they not only unlock the doors of Doge’s Palace but also grant you access to Museo Correr, National Archaeological Museum, and Biblioteca Marciana. Impressive, right?

Every ticket ensures this trio of museums at no extra charge.

Planning to buy directly on location? They, too, offer this museum bundle. But, quick heads up: they don’t provide the express entry perk. If you’re curious about how the Venice City Pass works or when the Doge’s Palace welcomes visitors, keep reading.


Ticket Pricing for Doge’s Palace

Exclusive Offers

Hot Pick! Combo: St. Mark’s Basilica, Doge’s Palace, & Venice Narrated Guide: €62.00 Order your package

Insider advice: If enriching your experience with informative booklets or auditory guides sounds good, there are tailored packages for that. Browse the Express Entry bundle with a handy guidebook or the package that pairs with an auditory guide for Doge’s Palace.

For those with the Venice City Pass in hand, here’s a perk:

The standard fee for Doge’s Palace and its associated museums is already covered. Walk in with style, leaving those long lines behind.

Lastly, explore the options available with the Venice Museums Card & Doge’s Palace Admission Ticket. It’s worth a look.

Dive Deep into Doge’s Palace, Venice

Experience the Grandeur Up Close
When you step into Doge’s Palace, freedom is yours. Wander the resplendent rooms that echoed with the voices of Venice’s republic, where destiny-changing decisions were made.

Breathe in the history of the Grand Council Hall and the Doge’s apartment. A fun fact? Each Doge, on finishing his term, took his furniture with him!

A Glimpse into the Past
Discover the haunting beauty of the palace’s prisons. Once housing state prisoners and high traitors, the damp cells, or ‘Pozzi,’ are especially chilling. At high tide, only the bunk remained untouched by water.

As you cross the Bridge of Sighs, peek through the windows. Feel the heat from the cells under the lead roof, and let your imagination drift to the tales of Giacomo Casanova.

His memories will set the scene. Want an immersive experience? Consider the Casanova’s prison-guided tour.


Guided Tours of Doge’s Palace Prices

Guided tours? Almost every tourist spot offers them. They provide context, understanding, and a chance to avoid the crowds. It’s crucial, however, to pick a tour in a language you’re comfortable with.

Tours Primarily in English

  • Guided tour Entrance: 1-2 hours | *64,00 € | Book online
  • Walking Tour – Power of the Republic: approx. 3 hours | *84,00 € | Book online
  • Doge’s Palace & St. Mark’s Basilica + Access to the terrace: 3 hours | *88,20 € | Book online

Remember, tour details like time and meet-up points are on the provider’s website. Given Venice’s global appeal, tours might be limited to certain languages. Secure your spot early for a hassle-free experience.


Combine Doge’s Palace with St. Mark’s Basilica

St. Mark’s Square is a bustling hub. And those lines? Almost endless. Want to visit both Doge’s Palace and the Basilica San Marco without the wait? Here’s how.

Top Tour Options

  • Doge’s Palace + St. Mark’s Basilica Fast-Track Tour: 2 hours | *95,00 € | Book online
  • Basilika Tour + Gondola Ride: 5 hours | *124,45 € | Book online
  • St. Mark’s Basilica (only skip the line + Terrace & Pala D’Oro): | *60,00 € | Book online

All tours listed above are conducted in English by local experts. Their lengths might vary, but one guarantee remains: no waiting in those tiring queues. Dive deep into tour details on their respective booking sites.


Dive Deep into Doge’s Palace, Venice

Uncover the Majesty Firsthand

Stepping into Doge’s Palace, the world becomes your oyster. Roam through splendid chambers that once resonated with the whispers of Venetian dignitaries, where fates were sealed.

Feel the past in the Grand Council Hall and the Doge’s quarters. Did you know? When a Doge’s tenure ended, he packed up his own furniture!

Journey Back in Time

Unearth the eerie allure of the palace’s dungeons. These very cells, known as ‘Pozzi,’ once confined political captives and notable dissenters. During high tides, the water rose, sparing only the bunk.

Crossing the Bridge of Sighs?

Glance out its windows. Imagine the warmth from the cells under the leaded roof, and let Casanova’s tales guide your thoughts. For a vivid walk-through? Think about joining Casanova’s prison-themed tour.

Dive Deep into Doge’s Palace, Venice

The Essence of Doge’s Palace

When you walk through Venice’s Doge’s Palace, you’re stepping into layered epochs of history.

This journey offers more than just insights into the palace’s life; it’s a deep dive into the intricate web of Venice’s cultural, political, and global maritime influences.

The timeless architecture and priceless artworks testify to Venice’s erstwhile grandeur and opulence.

Yet, the true wonder of this edifice is appreciated only when you understand the challenges faced—limited space and ever-present water encroachment.

Pro Tip: Adjacent to the Doge’s Palace stands the iconic St. Mark’s Tower. For those aiming for a seamless ascent, consider grabbing the combo ticket for Doge’s Palace + Campanile St. Mark’s online.

While waiting for the complimentary entry to St. Mark’s Basilica, and if you’re keen on maximizing your Venetian escapade, there are tailored experiences centered around the Doge’s Palace for you.


The following English-language offers guarantee entry into Palazzo Ducale without the tedious wait:

Doge’s Palace & Gondola Experience1.5 – 2 hours*89,00 €Reserve
Historic Exploration & Doge’s Palace3 hours*89,00 €Reserve

Note: The above experiences cater especially to short-term visitors or cruise passengers, typically starting between 9:30 am and 11:00 am.

For those yearning for a late-day or even nocturnal tour, there’s a unique offering: St. Mark’s Basilica & Doge’s Palace After Dusk.

General Opening Hours for Doge’s Palace

An overview of crucial timings:

MonthsDaysTimingsLast Entry
Jan – DecMonday – Sunday9:00 to 18:0017:00


During Christmas and New Year, timings might fluctuate. On the 25th of December and 1st of January, it’s advisable to verify the operational hours as they may vary. While visitor traffic decreases towards the evening, anticipate potential wait times on popular days.

For general admissions without priority access, there’s ample window to immerse oneself in the Palazzo Ducale’s serene ambiance. Delve deeper into visiting schedules on Doge’s Palace Hours.


More than Just a Museum

Doge’s Palace is a crown jewel of St. Mark’s Square, celebrated for its architectural marvel and legendary art pieces. Traverse through its grand halls to relive moments from the past.

With the same pass, gain access to Museo Correr, Museo Archeologico Nazionale, and the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana’s Monumental Room.


  • * Please note:
    * Prices listed herein are indicative. Always refer to the current offerings of the respective providers. For available discounts for various groups, visit the provider’s official website.


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