How Often Does It Rain In St Lucia In September

Ready for a tropical adventure that defies the odds? Discover why September in St. Lucia offers the trip of a lifetime.


St. Lucia weather in September

Did you know that September is one of the wettest months in St. Lucia?

Hold on, don’t click away!

Even with the frequent showers, September is a hidden gem for travel enthusiasts seeking an authentic Caribbean experience.

We’re talking fewer crowds, off-season prices, and local festivals that’ll make you dance in the rain!


Where on Earth is St. Lucia?

Let me enlighten you if you’re wondering where this tropical haven is.

St. Lucia is a stunning island country located in the Eastern Caribbean, approximately 1,300 miles to the southeast of Florida in the United States.

The island is a unique blend of British and French cultural influences, evidenced in everything from its architecture to its cuisine.

Picture white-sand beaches, lush rainforests, and the iconic twin peaks of the Pitons framing the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen.

Trust me; it’s worth the trip, rain or shine.


Resource: Want to dig a little deeper into St. Lucia’s history and top attractions?

Check out the official tourism website of St. Lucia for all the details.


Why You Should Stick Around:

If you’ve ever planned a vacation, you know that weather plays a crucial role in your overall experience.

And let’s face it: nobody dreams of rain on their Caribbean getaway.

But, what if I told you that a trip to St. Lucia in September could be both budget-friendly and unforgettable, rain included?

That’s right.

In this article, we’ll break down exactly how often it rains, what you can do when it does, and how to plan a successful trip around Mother Nature’s whims.


What’s Coming Up:

Ready to dive deeper?

In the following sections, we’ll cover:


  1. Average Rainfall, Temperature, and Sunshine Hours in September:
    All the stats and facts, so you can plan like a pro.
  2. Best and Worst Activities for Rainy Days:
    Don’t let the rain stop your fun; we’ve got options.
  3. Tips to Plan a Successful Trip:
    Flexibility is key, and we’ll show you how to achieve it.


If you’re interested in more than just a sunbathing holiday, keep reading.

St. Lucia in September is about to become your best-kept travel secret.


Average Rainfall, Temperature, and Sunshine Hours in September

September’s Unique Blend:


So, you’re intrigued by the idea of traveling to St. Lucia in September?

Excellent choice!

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty:

What kind of weather can you expect?

As we’ll see, September presents a unique blend of experiences, making it an interesting month for those willing to embrace a little meteorological unpredictability.

It’s not just about packing an umbrella but crafting a trip that can weather anything.


The Numbers Don’t Lie: Key Data Points

Average Rainfall, Temperature, and Sunshine Hours in St Lucia in September

Data can sometimes tell a story more convincingly than words.

Here are the must-know statistics for St. Lucia in September:

  • Average Rainfall: Approximately 8 inches
  • Average Temperature: A warm 87°F
  • Average Sunshine Hours: A generous 9 hours per day


These numbers are pulled from reliable sources like the St Lucia Meteorological Service, Holiday Weather, and Weather2Travel.


Rainfall: It’s a Thing, but Don’t Fret

Prepare for some rain, because St. Lucia receives about 8 inches of rainfall in September.

That sounds daunting, but here’s the silver lining:

It typically rains around 20 days out of the month, and most showers are heavy but short-lived.

Imagine a quick downpour followed by rainbows—quite literally.

So, while an umbrella should be a staple in your suitcase, it doesn’t mean your day is washed out.


To stay one step ahead, take a look at the weather updates from the St Lucia Meteorological Service.


Turn up the Heat: Average Temperature

If you love warmth, September in St. Lucia is for you.

The average high-temperature hovers around 87°F.

That means it’s perfect for those who enjoy hot climates but not too stifling for others.

Whether you’re hitting the beach or exploring the local markets, lightweight clothing is the name of the game.


To get an idea of daily temperature variations, take a look at Holiday Weather where they provide in-depth temperature breakdowns.


Sun’s Out: Sunshine Hours in September

Despite the occasional showers, let’s not forget the sun.

With about 9 hours of sunshine per day, you’ll have ample time for sunbathing, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

So yes, pack that sunscreen—you’re going to need it.


Caribeez provides more comprehensive details on what to expect regarding sunshine and daylight hours.


Comparing Apples and Oranges: September vs. Other Months

In the context of St. Lucia’s weather, it’s interesting how September stacks up against other months.

For instance, the dry season running from February to April sees about 2 to 3 inches of rainfall and slightly cooler temperatures.

Conversely, the hurricane season from June to November has September right in its midst but also offers unique travel opportunities, like fewer crowds and off-season discounts.


For a monthly breakdown, Weather2Travel offers a great comparative analysis.

So, armed with these stats and facts, you’re now ready to make the most out of your September trip to St. Lucia.

Excited? You should be!


Tips to Plan a Successful Trip to St. Lucia in September

Get Ready for Anything: Weather Preparedness

First things first:

You’ve got to plan for the weather, folks. September in St. Lucia offers a mixed bag, from downpours to sunshine.

That means packing like a pro and ensuring you’re not caught off-guard.


The Right Gear: Packing Tips

No one wants to get soaked during a Caribbean getaway—or worse, get caught without proper attire. A must-have?

Water-resistant gear. Think rain jackets, quick-dry clothes, and sturdy footwear that can stand up to a little mud.

Don’t forget a travel insurance policy with strong coverage for weather-related disruptions.

Trust me, this can be a lifesaver.


You can find suggestions for weather-appropriate gear from experts at the St. Lucia Tourism Authority. For insurance, companies like World Nomads offer weather-related coverage.


Be Nimble, Be Quick: Flexible Booking

Book wisely.

Choose accommodations and flights with cancellation policies that won’t punish you for a last-minute change of heart.

Many hotels offer a 24-hour cancellation period, making adapting your plans to the weather easier.


Use platforms like to filter options by their cancellation policies.


The Upside of September: Financial Savvy

Contrary to what you might think, traveling in September doesn’t have to be a costly affair.

In fact, it’s often the opposite.


Finding Deals: Off-Season Bargains

September is considered an off-season month, meaning there’s a serious drop in prices for many tourist activities and accommodations.

You could save up to 20% or even 30% compared to peak months.

That’s cash you can spend on experiences or, you know, more cocktails by the beach.


Look out for off-season discounts on travel deal sites like Kayak or Expedia.


Make It Authentic: Local Experiences

Another bonus of traveling during off-peak periods? Fewer tourists.

It’s your chance for a more authentic St. Lucian experience.

The locals are more relaxed, the beaches less crowded, and hidden gems more accessible.


Dive Deep: Cultural Embrace

Remember, this is not just a holiday; it’s a cultural experience.

Since September is a transitional month in terms of weather, you’ll also find that it brings unique local festivities.

Think rain dances, harvest festivals, and local arts and crafts fairs.


For a list of activities that dive deep into the culture, check out St. Lucia Tourism Authority’s website or head to TripAdvisor’s St. Lucia Activities for user-generated tips and recommendations.


So, are you ready to make the most of St. Lucia in September? You absolutely can, with the right preparation and a go-with-the-flow attitude. Go ahead, embrace the rainy season—it has its own kind of beauty.


How Often Does It Rain In St Lucia In September Table

Key Considerations for September Travel to St. LuciaWhat You Need to Know
WeatherExpect a mix of rain and sunshine. About 20 rainy days but 9 hours of daily sun.
ActivitiesWet weather won’t ruin your trip if you’re prepared. Spas and cooking classes are excellent rainy-day options.
PackingBring water-resistant gear and quick-dry clothes. Don’t skimp on the quality of your rain jacket.
AccommodationsOpt for places with flexible cancellation policies. Off-season prices can save you money.
Local ExperiencesSeptember has fewer tourists, making it easier to immerse yourself in local culture and festivities.
Financial AdvantagesLook for off-season deals. Many tourist activities and accommodations drop their prices in September.
Travel InsuranceGet a plan that provides good coverage for weather-related disruptions.
ResourcesUtilize local weather apps, the St. Lucia Tourism Authority, and other travel guides


Embrace the St. Lucian September

Don’t Rain On My Parade: Recap

So, you’ve made it to the end of our comprehensive guide on navigating the September weather in St. Lucia. Impressive, right?

Let’s recap:

September may be wet, but it’s also versatile.

We’ve covered everything from essential packing tips to securing flexible booking options.

Sure, you’ll experience rainfall, but also sunshine, and a hearty dose of local culture.

Get your rain jacket ready, but don’t forget the sunglasses!


The Real Deal: Final Take

Let’s be honest:

September in St. Lucia isn’t for everyone.

But for those who can embrace the unpredictability, it offers a cocktail of experiences that’s unique and authentically Caribbean.

Fewer crowds, more connection. Less generic, more genuine. The island pulsates with life, rain or shine.


Your Turn

Ready to brave the rains for an unforgettable St. Lucian experience? I bet you are.

There’s no better time than now to start planning.

Crack open that planner, pull up a weather app, and let’s make this dream vacation a reality.


For the ultimate St. Lucia experience, check out the St. Lucia Ultimate Travel Guide for all the ins and outs you’ll need to know.

There it is.

You’ve got the facts, the tips, and the resources.

All that’s missing is your spirit of adventure, open heart, and willingness to dance in the rain.

So what are you waiting for?
Go ahead, book that trip!

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