Is There More Than One Sandals Resort In Barbados

You’ve probably asked yourself: “Is there more than one Sandals resort in Barbados?” The answer is yes. And this detailed guide will give you all the insights you need. Dive in!


Overview of Sandals Resorts in Barbados

In the heart of the Caribbean lies Barbados, home to not just one, but two luxurious Sandals resorts:

Sandals Barbados and Sandals Royal Barbados. And guess what?

They’re right next to each other, doubling your vacation fun.


The Two Resorts: A Distinct Yet Unified Experience

Location and proximity to each other

Nestled in the iconic St. Lawrence Gap, these resorts stand side by side. They’re close. Really close.

Operating as a combined entity

Despite being two separate entities, together they operate like a gigantic resort. One enormous realm of luxury and relaxation, just for you.

Recommendations for enhancing the stay: downloading the Sandals app and early reservations

Want a pro tip? Download the Sandals app. It’s your golden ticket to discover all the restaurants and activities. And hey, make those reservations early. They fill up faster than you’d think.

Insider tips about the resort loungers and activity reservations

Loungers by the pool? Yes, please. But remember, butlers grab the best spots early. If you’re not picky, sleep in. But if you’re eyeing a premium spot, rise and shine!

A personal account of the nightlife, service, and overall experience

Barbados nightlife? A vibrant mix of young and old. Pair that with top-notch service, and you’re in for a treat.

The experience? Simply unforgettable.


The Essence of Sandals Barbados: A Premier Luxury Destination

Description of Sandals Barbados as the most exclusive Sandals Resort

Sandals Barbados is chic, luxurious, and hands down the most exclusive. It’s where style, sophistication, and luxury unite.

Key offerings: architecture, suites, dining choices, lounges, bars, pools

Imagine architecture that seamlessly blends the indoors and outdoors. Decadent suites. 21 dining choices. Intimate lounges. Hip bars. And pools? Three of them, all waiting for you.

The pristine location: Dover Beach Barbados

Perched on Dover Beach, this resort boasts pure white sands. It’s paradise.

Mention of the adjacent Sandals Royal Barbados for a dual-vacation experience

Oh, and let’s not forget its sibling next door, Sandals Royal Barbados. Two vacations in one. Tempting, isn’t it?


Benefits of staying at Sandals Resorts:

  • All-inclusive amenities: No surprise costs. Everything’s covered.
  • Luxurious accommodations: Think private pools and butler service. (If you ordered a Butler Room)
  • Diverse dining options: A global culinary journey without leaving the resort.
  • Wide range of activities: Watersports, fitness classes? They’ve got it all.
  • Beautiful locations: It’s Barbados. Enough said.
  • Adults-only settings: Quiet. Romantic. Just for adults.
  • Highlighting the “Stay at 1, Play at 2” policy for enhanced experiences: Double the fun, every single day.


Delving into the Offerings

Sandals Barbados is the jet-setter’s dream. It’s chic, opulent, and situated perfectly in St. Lawrence Gap.

Its features? Lavish suites, 20 gourmet restaurants, unlimited premium liquors, and, of course, 11 pools.

And just a stone’s throw away is Sandals Royal Barbados. It offers similar luxuries but with unique twists like a bowling alley. And with the “Stay at 1, Play at 2” policy, you access both. Always.


How Many Rooms at Sandals Barbados?

Ever wondered about the expanse of luxury at Sandals Barbados? Let me walk you through it.

Picture this: 280 splendid rooms and suites are scattered across Sandals Barbados, each with its own unique vibe and charm.

Some even treat you with a breathtaking ocean view, and wait for it… your very own butler service!

Whether you’re on a tight budget or ready to splurge, there’s a cozy nook waiting for you.

But that’s not all.

Adjacent to it, Sandals Royal Barbados boasts another 238 exquisite suites.

And here’s the cherry on top: every single suite at Sandals Royal Barbados wraps you in luxury, either with exclusive Club access or with impeccable Butler Service.

Now, isn’t that a delightful piece of trivia for your next cocktail conversation?




Both Sandals resorts in Barbados offer unmatched luxury. Imagine two resorts at your disposal. Double the dining, double the fun, and double the luxury. Truly, a one-of-a-kind Caribbean experience.



  1. Sandals® Barbados: Stay At 1, Play At 2 Resorts [Official].
  2. Sandals® Royal Barbados: St. Lawrence Gap Resorts [Official].
  3. SANDALS® Barbados All-Inclusive Resorts 2023 [Adults-Only].


Q: Can guests of one Sandals resort in Barbados access the other?
A: Yes! Thanks to the “Stay at 1, Play at 2” policy, you can.

Q: Is there a Sandals app to help plan activities?
A: Absolutely. It lists activities, restaurants, and more.

Q: Are both resorts located on the beach?
A: Yes, they’re both perched on the stunning Dover Beach.

Q: How many dining options are there across both resorts?
A: Get ready for a culinary journey with a total of 21 restaurants.

Q: Are both resorts All-Inclusive?

Remember, your Caribbean adventure awaits at not one, but two Sandals resorts in Barbados. Dive in and make those memories!

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