What 10 foods should I try in Curacao?

What 10 foods should I try in Curacao

Dutch Influences in Curaçao’s Cuisine

As you wander the vibrant streets of Curaçao, you’ll quickly sense the Dutch touch.

Not just in the architecture or language, but in the delightful aroma wafting from food stalls and restaurants.

Dutch cuisine has deeply imprinted itself on Curaçao’s food scene. Dive in with me, and let’s savor some of these iconic Dutch dishes.



Have you ever had a craving you didn’t know existed? Meet Oliebollen. A deep-fried dumpling with a texture that’s crispy on the outside and oh-so-soft on the inside.

Bite in, and a sweet, doughy flavor erupts. And that sprinkle of powdered sugar on top? It’s the cherry on this perfect snack.

A popular Dutch treat, Oliebollen is your ultimate dessert pit stop.



Hunger pangs hit hard after a day of exploring? Bitterballen to the rescue. Imagine a meaty center encased in a crunchy exterior.

Now, dip it in mustard sauce. The explosion of savory flavors with just the right kick will leave you wanting more.

This deep-fried meat snack is a Dutch bar favorite, and trust me, it’s addictive.



Sweet tooth alert! Stroopwafels are your dream come true.

Picture this: two thin, crispy waffles with gooey caramel syrup sandwiched between.

The contrast of textures, crispy and chewy, is pure bliss. A popular treat in the Netherlands, it has comfortably found its home in Curaçao. Perfect with a cup of coffee.



Comfort food, anyone? Stamppot is Dutch cuisine at its heartwarming best.

Mashed potatoes harmoniously blend with vegetables, like kale or sauerkraut. Creamy. Savory.

It’s the sort of dish you yearn for on a breezy evening.

A staple back in the Netherlands, it’s a must-try here to understand the roots of Curaçao’s culinary scene.


Rauwe Haring

Adventurous eater? Brace yourself. Rauwe Haring is a raw herring delicacy. Hold the fish by its tail, dip into a sauce, and take a courageous bite. Soft, salty, fishy.

It’s a flavor roller-coaster! Paired with onions and pickles, this traditional snack is a testament to the Dutch’s love for seafood.

Not for the faint-hearted, but absolutely rewarding.

In a nutshell, if you wish to taste Curaçao’s culinary history, these Dutch-inspired dishes are your passport.

From sweet to savory, there’s a bite for every palate.

So, ready to feast?


Traditional Curaçaoan Dishes Reflecting Diverse Influences

Journeying through Curaçao’s culinary landscape is like unearthing layers of history.

Each dish tells a story, each flavor is a testament to the melting pot of cultures.

As we delve deeper, we’ll uncover dishes rooted in African and Caribbean traditions.

These aren’t just meals; they’re memories. Come, let’s savor the soul of Curaçao together.



Imagine a pot simmering with the flavors of the sea and the earth. Giambo is that pot.

A rich stew brewed with okra, a medley of seafood, and tender chunks of meat. Thick. Chunky.

And that spicy zing! It’s an embrace of African and Caribbean cultures in every bite. An authentic taste of the island, it’s a story of its diverse heritage served on a plate.

You can’t leave without trying it.


Karni Stoba

Heartiness in a bowl. That’s Karni Stoba for you. This beef stew embodies the robustness of Curaçao’s traditions.

Every spoonful is a dance of flavors – savory, meaty, and deeply comforting. Slow-cooked to perfection, the beef chunks melt in your mouth.

It’s nostalgia in a dish, reminding locals of home-cooked feasts and gatherings. Dive in, feel the warmth.


Keshi Yena

Cheese lovers, rejoice! Keshi Yena is not just any cheese dish; it’s a celebration.

A large round of cheese, hollowed and generously stuffed with spiced meat, juicy raisins, and tangy olives.

Creamy cheese, sweet raisins, and the kick of spices. A trifecta of delight!

Every bite is a surprise, a reflection of Curaçao’s eclectic cultural tapestry.

Truly a dish that feeds the soul.


Arepa di Pampuna

Morning rituals in Curaçao often feature this delight. Arepa di Pampuna. A pumpkin pancake that’s a symphony of textures.

Soft, courtesy of the pumpkin puree, with a gentle crunch from cornmeal. Subtly sweet, it’s sunshine on a plate.

A breakfast staple, it’s the island’s way of saying good morning. And trust me, it’s a greeting you wouldn’t want to miss.

To sum it up, these dishes are the heartbeats of Curaçao. They speak of its past, present, and the promise of delicious tomorrows.

Every morsel is an experience, every flavor a chapter of its rich tale. Are you hungry yet?


Unique Dishes to Curaçaoan Cuisine

When you step onto the shores of Curaçao, you’re in for more than just the sun-kissed beaches and azure waters.

The island has culinary gems that stand out, distinct and unforgettable.

There’s a singular dish here, one that encapsulates the essence of this beautiful island nation, setting it apart from its Caribbean counterparts.

Ready for the reveal?


Funchi Fries

French fries? Think again. Enter Funchi Fries. Crafted from cornmeal, these aren’t your regular fries. They’re special.

Golden, crispy sticks with a satisfying crunch enveloping a soft interior. Deep-fried to perfection.

Served with a side of dipping sauce, every fry is an invitation to explore Curaçao’s unique culinary identity. Distinct. Delectable.

And oh so Curaçaoan. A crunch like no other.

In conclusion, the essence of Curaçao isn’t just in its picturesque landscapes or melodic rhythms.

It’s in the unique flavors, like the Funchi Fries.

These fries are more than just a snack; they are a statement.

A testament to the island’s innovative spirit in cuisine. So, next time you’re on this sun-soaked island, remember, there’s a crunch waiting just for you. Dive in!


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