What Time Do Restaurants Close in Venice?

What Time Do Restaurants Close in Venice


Ah, Venice. This ancient city, threaded with canals and brimming with history, boasts a rich culinary scene that can captivate any food lover. But to truly make the most of the Venetian dining experience, understanding the opening hours of its eateries is vital.

After all, who wants to stand before a closed restaurant, stomach rumbling with anticipation?

General Opening and Closing Hours

Venturing into Venice, you’ll discover that the typical restaurant opening hours are early birds, with many flinging open their doors around 10 a.m. or even earlier.

As the sun sets and the city’s soft glow takes over, common closing times inch around 10 p.m. But be wary; some establishments observe a siesta, a tradition borrowed from their southern neighbors, causing them to close shop in the afternoon briefly.

Nightlife and Dining After Dark in Venice

Venice may be a city of many wonders, but a bustling nightlife isn’t one of them. The city’s quiet nighttime ambiance can surprise first-time visitors. If you’re a night owl, you might find challenges in tracking down restaurants or pubs that remain open past 10 p.m.

Moreover, locating a café or pub after midnight becomes a game of hide and seek, given the city’s earlier inclination to wind down. It is an unusual quirk for such a famed destination, but it only adds to Venice’s unique charm.

Alternatives to Traditional Restaurants

Missed out on a proper Venetian restaurant due to the early closing times? Don’t despair. Let me introduce you to Cicchetti, Venice’s delightful answer to tapas.

These bite-sized delicacies satiate your hunger and come at an affordable price, ranging from about €1 to €3 per plate. Especially when most traditional restaurants are shut, cicchetti offers a unique, wallet-friendly dining experience.

A Dive into Cicchetti

Cicchetti in Venice

If you’re wondering about the expansive array of cicchetti options available, buckle up for a delightful ride. You’ve got crostini, those tempting small open-faced sandwiches; panini, the crusty rolls filled with flavorful ingredients; tramezzini, delicate crustless half-sandwiches; and of course, polpette, fried balls of sheer joy made from meat, tuna, cheese, or even potatoes.

Add a variety of seafood, fried wonders, cured meats, and cheeses to this mix, and you’re in for a gastronomic delight. With prices ranging from €1 to €3 per plate, each bite offers both flavor and value. Trust me, it’s a revelation!

Venice Food Tours: An Experience Beyond Regular Dining

If you fancy yourself a foodie and yearn for an adventure that’s a bit off the beaten path, consider embarking on a Venice food tour. Operating much like a pub crawl, but for culinary enthusiasts, these tours guide you through the labyrinth of Venetian streets, from one delectable stop to the next. The benefits?

You explore a range of culinary options, meet fellow food lovers, and even get insights into the city’s history and culture along the way.


In summing up the Venetian dining experience, remember:

Venice is not just about gondolas and serenades. It’s a city that promises, and delivers, a captivating culinary journey.

So, while it’s essential to relish meals in its traditional restaurants, do set out to explore the vibrant world of cicchetti. It’s a taste trip you won’t regret.


Q: Are there restaurants in Venice open past midnight?
A: While Venice has a quieter nightlife, finding restaurants or cafés open past midnight can be a challenge. There are however a few bars that are open till 2 am. 

Q: What is cicchetti?
A: Cicchetti is Venice’s answer to tapas – small plates of finger foods, often enjoyed with a glass of wine or Spritz.

Q: How do I join a Venice food tour?
A: Several tour operators offer food tours in Venice. Booking online in advance ensures you snag a spot on these popular excursions.

Q: Is it expensive to dine out in Venice?
A: While some upscale restaurants might be pricey, the city offers a range of affordable dining options, especially if you’re open to exploring cicchetti at local bacari (bars).

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