Why You Should Stay at Paradox Hotel Vancouver

paradox hotel in Vancouver BC

Have you ever thought about where to stay in Vancouver? Let’s guide you. Paradox Hotel Vancouver is not just another name in the long list of hotels. It’s an experience. And beyond that, it boasts a formidable online reputation. More on that shortly.


The Hotel is Fairly New:

The Paradox Hotel in Vancouver is situated in a structure finalized in 2016.

This impressive 60-storey building, standing tall at 188 meters (or 617 ft), is nestled at 1151 West Georgia Street, right in the heart of Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia.

Its distinctive design features a gradual 45-degree twist from the base to the pinnacle, a vision brought to life by the renowned architect Arthur Erickson.


Reputation and Ratings:

Talk ratings? Paradox Hotel shines. Holding an admirable overall rating, it stands as the seventh-best among 80 hotels in Vancouver. Impressive? We think so too. Take a scroll through TripAdvisor. You’ll find a sparkling 5 out of 5. Hop over to Booking.com? A whopping 9.1 out of 10 waits for you.


The Different Rooms – Luxurious Accommodations:

Why You Should Stay at Paradox Hotel Vancouver

When you step into Paradox, it’s not about just booking a room. It’s about selecting an experience tailored for you. Let’s explore these rooms, shall we?

  1. Cityscape King: Rise and shine to a panoramic city view, courtesy of the floor-to-ceiling windows. Got work? The tech workspace awaits. And the Italian marble bathroom? With heated flooring and that walk-in rain shower, it’s your personal retreat.
  2. Executive King: Sophistication meets comfort. Those floor-to-ceiling windows? They’re back. Walk on the sophisticated hardwood floors. Settle work matters at the tech workspace. And then, relax. The Italian marble bathroom beckons.
  3. Executive Two Queen: Traveling in a group? Here’s your pick. Panoramic city views? Check. Ergonomic workspaces? Check. And that Italian marble bathroom? It’s spacious. It boasts heated flooring and a walk-in rain shower.
  4. Paradox King: Your haven of rejuvenation. The end of your day should feel special. Whether you sink into the exquisitely crafted free-standing bath or gaze at the mesmerizing city skyline from your lofty king-sized bed, luxury embraces you.
  5. Paradox King Balcony: Inhale the freshness. Your private balcony lets you breathe in the crisp ocean air. Or maybe, just gaze at the dazzling downtown lights. Inside? Comfort meets luxury.
  6. Paradox Two Queen Balcony: Perfect for friends. Ideal for families. These rooms don’t just accommodate, they enchant. From relaxed seating areas to Italian marble bathrooms, every detail spells luxury. And that balcony view? Breathtaking.
  7. Paradox Signature King: Luxury redefined. A blend of the exquisite and the comfortable. That free-standing designer bath is an artwork. And the curved balcony? Your slice of the outside world, wrapped in luxury.
  8. Paradox One Bedroom Suite: It’s more than a room; it’s an experience. Dive into laid-back luxury. From the floor-to-ceiling windows to the hardwood floors spanning the living room, dining area, and a state-of-the-art kitchen, it’s luxury living reimagined.


Unique Guest Experience:

Paradox Hotel doesn’t just offer rooms. It offers memories. Memories that last. Here, tourists transform. They become travelers. They engage, not just visit.

Esther W: She reveled in the central location. Relished the pool by day and danced by its side when it transformed into a club by night.

Stephen B: He found luxury. He found cleanliness. He found amazing staff. He’s coming back. What about you?


My Own Experience

On our fifth visit to Vancouver, BC, my wife and I chose to stay at the Paradox Hotel instead of our usual picks.

Upon our arrival, they graciously upgraded us to a suite at no extra charge.

The staff? Simply outstanding! Special shout-outs to Ish at the front desk and Marty from the concierge team; their attentive service elevated our experience.

This has to be the most serene hotel we’ve ever been in; external sounds and even nearby room noises were virtually non-existent. Their noise cancellation is top-notch!

Undoubtedly, the Paradox Hotel has become our top hotel choice in Vancouver. I can’t sing its praises loud enough! We’ll be back!


Amenities and Services:

Beyond rooms? Paradox doesn’t stop. Dive into the indoor pool. By night, it turns. It grooves. It becomes a club.

Relaxation on your mind? There’s a spa. And a wellness center. Morning coffee? Your room boasts a Nespresso machine. And when hunger strikes, gourmet Chinese food beckons. As night falls, a cocktail lounge awaits.


Ideal Location:

Position. It matters. Paradox Hotel understands. Nestled in Vancouver’s heart, it’s a stone’s throw away from the city’s bustling harbor. Attractions? They’re nearby. And the cherry on top? Underground parking. Central location, but no parking woes.



Paradox Hotel Vancouver. It’s not just a stay. It’s an experience. Dive into luxury. Relish the location. Revel in the amenities. Don’t just hear about it. Experience it. Book your stay now.


  1. Where is Paradox Hotel located in Vancouver?
    It’s situated at 1161 Georgia St W, Vancouver, British Columbia V6E 0C6, Canada.
  2. What is the overall rating of Paradox Hotel?
    An impressive 5 out of 5 on TripAdvisor and 9.1 out of 10 on Booking.com.
  3. Do they have parking facilities?
    Absolutely! They offer convenient underground parking.
  4. Is gourmet food available at the hotel?
    Yes, they offer gourmet Chinese food and have a delightful cocktail lounge.

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