Is Grenada Family Friendly – Top Resorts that Kids Adore

Is Grenada Family Friendly

Is Grenada Family Friendly? Vacation Perfection for Families!

Unveil the magic of Grenada with resorts that cater to everyone—especially the kiddos.


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Welcome to Family-Friendly Grenada!

Have you heard?

Grenada is more than just beautiful beaches and spices; it’s a family-friendly paradise waiting for you to explore!

Imagine crystal-clear waters perfect for your little ones to splash around in, and a culture rich enough to entertain even the most curious of young minds.

Yes, it’s real.

And it’s spectacular.

The Crucial Role of Picking the Right Resort

Listen up.

The resort you choose isn’t just a hotel; it’s your base camp, your sanctuary, and your home away from home rolled into one.

If you have young children, picking the right resort becomes even more critical.

You need a place that keeps them entertained and ensures they’re safe and sound.

The right resort can amplify the joy of your vacation manifold.

What’s Ahead in this Guide

Ready for the good stuff?

We’re going to delve deep into two of Grenada’s most family-friendly resorts:

Radisson Grenada Beach Resort and True Blue Bay Resort.

You’ll learn about their amenities, the magical experiences they offer for kids, and how they fulfill every criterion of a great family-friendly resort.

Buckle up; it’s going to be a great ride!

So, shall we get started?


Importance of Family-Friendly Resorts in Travel Planning

Why Family-Friendly Resorts Matter

You’ve got kids, and you want a vacation that’s as relaxing for you as it is fun for them.

Sounds about right, doesn’t it?

Well, guess what—choosing the right family-friendly resort can make or break your entire trip.

It’s not just a place to sleep; it’s where you’ll build some of your most cherished memories.

So let’s make sure you get it right.

The Safety Factor

Safety first. Always.

You want a resort that’s secure, with a low crime rate in the surrounding areas.

You want to explore freely without constantly worrying about your little ones.

It’s not just about locked doors; it’s about a general atmosphere where you can let your guard down a little.

This will be your home away from home, after all.

Amenities Aren’t Just Add-Ons

A resort’s amenities aren’t just perks; they’re essential to a happy holiday.

Think swimming pools with shallow ends for the kids, playgrounds, and family-friendly dining options.

A good resort thinks about the little details—

like childproof locks and easy-to-reach sinks—so you don’t have to.

Kids’ Clubs: Your Unsung Heroes

kids are learning how to make sandcastles in Grenada

Imagine this:

You’re sipping a cocktail by the pool while your kids are learning how to make sandcastles or participating in a treasure hunt.

Sounds heavenly, right?

That’s the magic of a good kids’ club. It’s not daycare; it’s a curated experience for your children to learn, play, and grow, all under professional supervision.

Close to the Action

Location, location, location.

A family-friendly resort isn’t an island (unless it actually is, like Grenada).

It’s close to attractions, beaches, and perhaps a town where you can absorb some local culture.

Convenience is key.

Less time traveling to activities means more quality time with your family.

Accessibility: Don’t Overlook It

Accessibility matters.

Think ramps, elevators, and wide doorways that can accommodate strollers.

It’s not just for wheelchairs; it’s for families that come with all kinds of wheels—strollers, wagons, and maybe even tricycles.

Now, armed with this checklist of what to consider, let’s dive into the specifics of two family-friendly resorts in Grenada that tick all these boxes:

Radisson Grenada Beach Resort and True Blue Bay Resort.

There you have it.

Let’s move forward with confidence.

Ready to get into the nitty-gritty?


Criteria for Evaluating Family-Friendly Resorts

Safety Measures: Peace of Mind Is Priceless

You can’t put a price tag on peace of mind, especially when you’re traveling with young kids.

Safety is non-negotiable.

Look for resorts with 24/7 security, well-maintained grounds, and adequately fenced swimming areas.

Make sure the resort has an emergency action plan, and it’s not shy about sharing it with you.

Secure and sound, just the way it should be.

Range of Amenities: Your Checklist of Comfort

You’re not asking for the moon; you want a pleasant stay.

So, a resort that offers a wide range of amenities is a godsend.

We’re talking swimming pools, playgrounds, and maybe even a spa for some adult R&R.

How about in-house dining options that cater to fussy little eaters?

That’s golden.

Amenities can make or break a vacation, so this is where you want to tick all the boxes.

Accessibility to Other Attractions: Let’s Go Exploring!

Isolation isn’t always bliss, not when you’ve got the whole family to entertain.

Your resort should ideally be within striking distance of local attractions.

Think beaches, nature parks, and cultural landmarks.

Your kids are explorers at heart, and the right resort should act as the perfect launchpad for their adventures.

Proximity matters.

Quality of Kid’s Club: It’s Playtime!

A good kid’s club is the unsung hero of any family vacation.

Picture this:

You’re sipping a cocktail by the pool, knowing the kids are not just safe but having a blast.

The kid’s club should offer fun yet educational activities.

Arts and crafts, storytelling, maybe even a little bit of science.

If they’re happy, you’re happy. Simple as that.

So, equipped with these criteria, are you ready to dive into what Grenada’s top resorts have to offer? Let’s go! 🌞


Radisson Grenada Beach Resort

Location and Accessibility: Right Where You Want to Be

You’ve heard of prime real estate? This is it.

The Radisson Grenada Beach Resort sits on the stunning Grand Anse Beach.

But that’s not all. It’s also near other attractions like the lively St. George’s Market, the historic Fort George, and the delectable House of Chocolate.

You’re not just close to the action; you’re in it.

Amenities: A Smorgasbord of Comfort

What’s on the menu?

Two outdoor pools for starters.

How about a dedicated kid’s pool? Check.

Fitness junkie? There’s a state-of-the-art fitness center.

In need of pampering? Try the spa.

Hungry? Choose from an array of dining options catering to all tastebuds.

The resort has all the ingredients for an unforgettable family vacation.

Kid’s Club: Where Little Dreams Take Flight

Ages 4 to 12 are welcome, and boredom is strictly not allowed.


Think arts and crafts, scavenger hunts, and age-appropriate games.

Your child’s day will be packed with fun and engaging activities.

This isn’t mere child’s play; this is play done right.

Safety and Security: Your Fortress Away from Home

Safety is a priority here.

Round-the-clock security, well-lit walkways, and a robust emergency response plan.

They’ve thought of everything, so you don’t have to. Rest easy.

Cost and Affordability: Quality Without the Sticker Shock

You want value for your hard-earned money.

Well, Radisson Grenada Beach Resort delivers.

With various packages and discounts, your dream vacation might be more affordable than you think.


Not really.

Worth it?


So, does the Radisson Grenada Beach Resort tick all your boxes?

If it does, you’re one step closer to a vacation that’s as fabulous as you are. 🌴


True Blue Bay Resort

Location and Accessibility: An Oasis with a View

Let’s talk ideal locations.

True Blue Bay Resort gives you a front-row seat to, you guessed it, True Blue Bay.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Want to swim among artistic underwater sculptures? Close by.

Craving a forest adventure at Grand Etang Lake? A short drive away.

Want to listen to the melodious flow of Annandale Falls? Also within reach.

The world—or at least the best parts of Grenada—is your oyster here.

Amenities: Your Playground of Luxury

What’s in the cards?

How about not one, but two outdoor pools.

Need more Zen in your life?

Unroll a yoga mat in their studio.

If that’s not enough, there’s a spa waiting to knead your stress away.

For foodies, diverse dining options promise a culinary adventure right within the resort.

They’ve got you covered.

Kid’s Club: A Brain Gym for Your Little Ones

For kids aged 3 to 12, this is an amusement park of learning.

Entertainment meets education here.

Your child can enjoy activities that are as fun as they are enriching.

And guess what?

It’s all in a safe, supervised environment. It’s not just play; it’s smart play.

Safety and Security: A Bubble of Peace

When it comes to your family’s safety, there’s no messing around. 24/7 security? Check.

CCTV? Yep.

Emergency protocols? They’ve got those too.

In a nutshell: you’re in safe hands.

Cost and Affordability: Big Experience, Small Price Tag

Value for money is more than a catchphrase here; it’s a promise.

With various budget-friendly packages, you can enjoy luxury without the financial hangover.

Good deal? You bet!


Potential Drawbacks and Limitations

Radisson Grenada Beach Resort

Sure, Radisson Grenada Beach Resort has a lot going for it.

But let’s get real for a moment.

No place is perfect, and there are some things you should know before you pack your bags.

Noise Level: If you’re searching for a serene environment, you might need to reconsider.
Due to its prime location, the resort can get a bit noisy, especially during peak tourist season.

Crowdedness: Everyone wants a piece of paradise, and at times, the resort can feel a bit packed.
The pool and beach areas are the usual culprits.

Accessibility Issues: Although they have amenities galore, not all areas are wheelchair-friendly.
This could be a problem if you or a family member require accessibility features.

Hidden Fees: Watch out for extra charges!
Whether it’s for Wi-Fi or parking, make sure to read the fine print before you check-in.

Customer Complaints: While most reviews are positive, some guests have mentioned less-than-stellar customer service experiences.
Always good to know.

Is Grenada Family Friendly

True Blue Bay Resort

Potential Drawbacks and Limitations

True Blue Bay Resort isn’t all sunshine and rainbows—here’s the lowdown.

Noise Level:
It’s a lively place, especially around the bar and pool areas. If you’re craving quiet, this might not be your best bet.

Yes, you’ll find crowds here too, particularly during events or peak seasons.

Accessibility Issues:
Like many island resorts, not all amenities are easily accessible for everyone.

Hidden Fees:
You know the drill—check for any extra fees that might surprise you later.

Customer Complaints:
A few travelers have cited issues with room service and cleanliness. Keep this in mind.


Comparison and Conclusion – Balanced Perspective

You’ve gotten the pros, now you’ve got the cons.

Your dream vacation needs to fit your reality, and it’s crucial to know both sides of the coin.

So, while the resorts promise a paradise, remember—paradise is subjective.

What works for one family might not for another.

Always consider the drawbacks and look for additional reviews for a fuller, more balanced view of what you’re getting into.

Do your homework. A fantastic vacation awaits those who plan well.

There you go! A balanced, informed, and, let’s be honest, more realistic view of two top family-friendly resorts in Grenada.


Family-Friendly Resort Table

Here’s a table that compares Radisson Grenada Resort and True Blue Resort

CriteriaRadisson Grenada Beach ResortTrue Blue Bay Resort
Location and AccessibilityGrand Anse Beach; close to St. George’s Market, Fort George, and House of ChocolateTrue Blue Bay; near Underwater Sculptures, Grand Etang Lake, and Annandale Falls
AmenitiesTwo outdoor pools, kids’ pool, playground, fitness center, spa, restaurant, barTwo outdoor pools, kids’ pool, playground, yoga studio, spa, restaurant, bar
Kid’s Club Age Range4 to 12 years old3 to 12 years old
Kid’s Club ActivitiesGames and activities organizedEntertainment and educational activities offered
Safety and SecurityComprehensive safety measuresExtensive safety protocols
Cost and AffordabilityMid-range pricing with good valueBudget-friendly with great value
TripAdvisor ReviewsHighly rated for family-friendlinessAlso highly rated, with emphasis on Kid’s Club
Booking Ease and Special DealsAvailable on multiple booking platforms with occasional dealsAlso available on multiple booking platforms, with seasonal promotions
Potential Drawbacks and LimitationsRadisson Grenada Beach ResortTrue Blue Bay Resort
Noise LevelCan get noisy during peak tourist seasonLively around the bar and pool areas
CrowdednessCan feel crowded, especially pool and beach areasCrowds during events or peak seasons
Accessibility IssuesNot all areas are wheelchair-friendlySimilar accessibility limitations
Hidden FeesExtra charges for things like Wi-Fi or parkingAlso watch for extra fees
Customer ComplaintsSome reports of subpar customer serviceSome issues with room service and cleanliness


Comparison and Conclusion

So, Radisson Grenada Beach Resort or True Blue Bay Resort?

If beachfront luxury is your thing, Radisson is your haven.

True Blue Bay is your go-to if you seek a more intimate experience with unique attractions like underwater sculptures.

Both provide excellent safety measures, kid’s clubs that are more like wonderlands, and a variety of amenities to make your stay nothing short of fabulous.

Your choice hinges on what you and your family value most.

Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Both resorts offer the Grenadian dream—safe, fun, and endlessly unforgettable.


Additional Resources And Reviews

TripAdvisor Reviews: The People Have Spoken

Before you dive into booking, why not get the skinny from folks who’ve been there, done that?

TripAdvisor has many reviews for Radisson Grenada Beach Resort and True Blue Bay Resort.

Hear it straight from the horse’s mouth—real experiences, candid photos, and invaluable advice.

Want to know if the Kid’s Club is as fab as they say?

Check the reviews!

  • Radisson Grenada Beach Resort reviews: 2, 3, 4
  • True Blue Bay Resort reviews: 6, 7, 8


Booking Websites: Your Portal to Paradise

Feeling pumped to book your dream vacation?

Websites like, Expedia, and offer in-depth details, availability calendars, and even special deals.


Keep an eye out for flash sales.

It’s booking made easy, with all the info you need at your fingertips.

Additional Information: More is More

For those of you who are info-hungry, don’t fret.

Websites like Lonely Planet,

The Culture Trip, and official tourism sites can fill in any gaps.

Want to know the best time to visit Grenada for the least rain but the most fun?

They have answers.

And maps. And travel tips. You name it, they’ve got it.

Don’t just skim.

Dive deep.

The more you know, the more you’ll get out of your trip.

And after all, knowledge is power—especially when it comes to crafting the perfect vacation.

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